Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This poem contains vulger language, heavy BDSM imagery, and strong sexual content.  If any of this is offensive to you, please do not read.  Otherwise enjoy.

Bound to the Cross of St. Andrew
The slave awaits her Master.
Hands ties, feet shackled,
Secured spread eagle in place.

The ball gag stretches her jaws,
But she knows better than to whimper.
For that will just ignite his lust,
And her punishment will be all the greater.

She sees her master now,
Surveying his table of implements.
How is she to be chastened today?
What form will his lust take?

Her body trembles in the cold,
For this room is kept chilled.
Soon enough will her flesh
Burn and be on fire.

Vampire gloves are all he wears.
Sharp spikes adorn his palms,
As he lifts the crop,
As he hefts the flogger.

Taking both in hand,
He walks towards her now,
Swishing them through the air,
Testing them against his own thigh.

He smiles at her, sensing her fear.
She quivers with it already.
He’s ready to start now,
His loins make it obvious.

He presses the crop and flogger
Into her outstretched hands.
Grabbing a fistful of hair,
He pulls her head to the side.

His lips touch her neck.
His teeth graze her ear.
He grabs her breast
In his spiked grip.

Poking but not piercing,
The gloved hand pulls.
Her nipples grow hard
Under the strain.

Feeling her body respond
He lets out a small chuckle.
He can smell her already.
Her body is betraying her.

Pinching her nipples harder,
She gasps in pleasure and pain.
As he twists them even harder,
She’s completely swept away.

Gloved hands leave tracks,
As he rubs down her belly,
Down to her thighs,
Gripping her tightly.

Twitching now uncontrollably,
Panting hard with desire,
Her eyes beg him “please,
Please punish me now.”

He strikes her side hard.
Small dots of blood spring forth.
“Never forget who’s in charge here.”
“You belong to me little one.”

Bending down licking the blood away
He sheds his gloves.
Grabbing the flogger from her hand
He strikes her thighs lightly.

The leather slaps against her,
Delivered stings drive her wild.
His tempo increases as does his power,
Striping her calves and thighs.

Up across her waist the flogger strikes,
Leaving red marks like leaves.
Onto her breasts he moves,
Her breath is hard and fast.
Her pussy flows uncontrollably now.
Rivers run down her legs,
Forming a growing puddle at her feet.
Her moans fill the dungeon air.

Flinging aside the flogger
He clutches her throat.
Removing the ball gag now
He wants to hear her screams.

Pulling the crop from her hand
He paces back and forth.
His arm whips out,
Striking her on the breast.

Her screams fill the air
As the matchbook size welt appears.
Already her knees begin to buckle
As he strikes her again and again.

Tears roll down her face,
As she whips her head from side to side.
So much pleasure, so much pain,
As welt after welt stain her flesh.

Ragged from screaming and straining her bonds
She barely notices he’s stopped.
He is also panting now,
From the exertion of his labors.

His turgid cock bobs before him,
As the crop falls to the floor.
He slaps her back to reality,
As he presses his body to hers.

Her hips tilt forward eagerly
Wanting to be filled by him.
He clamps his lips to hers
As he lines himself up to her.

He enters her then, just a little at first,
Grabbing her about the throat, he squeezes.
She can’t breathe as he fills her
Spots dance before her eyes.
Roughly and rapidly he fucks her now,
Straining to drive another inch deeper.
In and out he claims her again,
Possessing her body and her soul.

Finally he empties himself into her.
The hot gift of his seed,
Mixing his fluids with hers,
Panting with his release.

In a daze she drifts now,
Caught between heaven and hell,
As he releases her from the cross,
Cradling her lest she fall.

Gathering her into his arms,
Gentle as a father bearing a child,
He carries her to the bed,
And softly lays her down.

Covering her with a blanket,
Rubbing her raw bruised flesh,
He cuddles up to her back,
And whispers “well done my pet.”

She feels the love in his arms,
Wrapped so protectively around her.
Subspace dwindles and is gone now,
As she sleeps content with her Master.


  1. Subspace? Interesting choice of words... I'm commenting cuz many will be afraid to...

    Your stuff has raw power. Regardless of theme...

  2. I totally agree with Leona. Have you always had such a way with words or has this come with age?

  3. Wow, both enticing and terrorizing. I do hope you copyright these before publishing. Don't want someone getting undue credit.