Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Fool

The fool wanders through the day,
content with the mundane.
His lover waits at home,
he knows not her pain.

His days are wasted on mindless mediocraty.

The fool neglects her daily,
taking without giving.
Her soul withers away,
no living, just existing.

She's fed up with his complacency.

Happiness and joy,
she seeks day by day.
The fools only ambition
is a new video game to play.

He doesn't notice her slow entropy.

The fool grows distant
as his emotions decay.
Life is boring,
he has no desire to play.

She waits patiently as her heart grows lonely.

His lover draws away,
leaving him all alone.
The fool is oblivious,
ignorant on his paper throne.

He doesn't even register that his lover is absent.

Yearning for contact,
the lover branches out.
The fool just wastes away,
not knowing he is a lout.

He finally looks past himself and sees his lament.

The fool seeks out his lover
and finds her astray,
surrounded by suitors
trying to take her away.

For his lover has found a new entertainment.

The fool is anguished
and tries to make good,
but his lover is angry
knowing his heart is made of wood.

The fool sees his mistakes and is torn by the estrangement.

The fool's heart breaks,
raining bitter tears,
while his lover backs way
and covers her ears.

She has no desire to hear more empty complements.

Can he ever bring her back
from where she stands apart?

Does she even care
how she is shredding his heart?

Can an old fool change
and start being smart?

Can she love him again like she did at the start?

"Come back to me lover"
he cries out in pain,
hoping beyond words
that she'll be his again.

"Come back to me lover"
he whispers to his wife,
hoping in the darkness, for his lover, his life.


  1. That was very powerful! It touched me deeply.

  2. Of the first ones you showed me, this is my favorite. Now, it's tied for second. I really like your dark lore one as well. For different reasons, but they both touch me powerfully.

    You know, I've lived this. It could have been my song. It is very well written.