Friday, January 21, 2011

Love is all she wants

Love is all she wants,
Expects, desires, craves.
Only for her love seems so fleeting.
None have answered the call.
Always they seem to falter.

Just once can’t someone care?
Or is she destined for despair?
Yet her spirit struggles on,
                                         and on,
                                               and on.

Courage is her shield, but
Under it all she is so frail.
No one understands her!!
No one gets it!!
I understand her pain.
Now is the time for healing,
Growing past the past,
Heaving aside the blame,
And driving forward victorious.
Making it all right again.

Beware oh world.
Under the old grows the new.
She shall overcome all
Her naysayers and enemies.
May God have mercy on their souls
And save them from her wrath.
Now is her time!!


  1. :) So true...on so many levels.

  2. This speaks to my soul, love! :)