Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maiden so fair and light
Existing in a small world.
Longing forever to be free.
I see her there, looking into the distance
Sighing her cares away
Seeking to find an escape
Always wondering, “what if”
Another day comes passing thru
Never even noticing she is there
Never listening to her cares.
But there is hope ahead
Ever approaching over the horizon
Ever nearing though she sees it not.
Remembering what it felt like to be happy
Before discontent stole it away
Opening her heart again to what might be
Will she know happiness again?
Ever shall she find love?
Rewarded will be her strength and courage.
Rarely has the prospect been so alluring
Only “what ifs” can get in the way
Wondering if it will ever work out
And if he is around to stay.
Never has she ever felt this way


  1. Interesting. And sad. But well done. You're good with the "cheats" :)