Saturday, January 29, 2011

For Andrea

There is this guy I know,
Who hasn’t had much romantic luck.
His heart has been damaged,
His life left in ruins.

Three times he has been thru the ringer.
Three times has his heart been abused.
Three times to many he thinks,
To ever risk trying again.

He had given up on love,
Given himself over to his lust.
Put up lots of walls,
To shelter himself from pain.

Pain had been his only companion,
Deep seated into his core.
Almost a comfort in its constancy,
Keeping his protective walls strong.

But he’s lonely and stale,
Lost in this state of despair.
Longing for someone to come,
And share his life with him again.

Cold and dead in his chest,
His heart has started beating anew.
There is a new girl he’s met,
Who seems different from the rest.

He takes it slow this time,
Spending a few months getting to know her.
Email after email they exchange,
Fueling a mutual desire.

Finally they decide its time,
To meet each other and date.
Dinner, a movie, and talking,
Every thing just went great.

Her red hair flows like a wild fire,
Cascading flames frame her face.
Deep, dark, and soft to the touch,
It invites his fingers to caress.

As he brushes her hair back,
His fingertips touch her face.
Like a shock of life,
She ignites him once again.

That first night they share a quick kiss,
Then another and then more.
Her lips so soft and sweet,
Meet his there in the cold.

Cupping her ear in his palm,
He stares into her eyes.
Deepest blue like the depths of the sea,
He looks deep into her soul.

She’s been hurt before too.
Her life journey has been hard.
Her heart has taken its own beatings.
Cautious is her motto now.

But his touch has inspired her also.
Maybe he’s different than the rest.
Together they can overcome the past,
And just be themselves, together.

Just being close to each other,
They feel the connection between them.
Like gravity they are drawn closer.
Like twin suns they rotate about.

Each one is cautious for now,
And bound to make mistakes.
But forgiveness is a gift,
That is freely given.

Now time apart from each other,
Seems incomplete and empty.
Not enough hours in the day,
To satisfy their desires

May time stand still for them,
These bruised and battered lovers.
For them to enjoy what they have found,
In each other.

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