Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clouds of despair

Clouds of despair shroud my soul
Walking thru the wasted landscape of life
The reeking remnants of the past
Fetid pools of lost hopes and dreams

My eyes stare down at my feet
Placing one foot before the next
Traveling the lonely road alone
Lost in agony and pain

The road stretches away from me
Littered with the bones of my misfortune
Empty skulls stare back at me
Accusing me, goading me forward

Skeletal hands reach out for me
Wanting to draw me to the grave
Pointing fingers of guilt
At the emptiness of my soul

All around me float phantoms
Disembodied memories of failures
Their breath cold on my cheek
As they remind me of my mistakes

Ghostly webs of lost chances
Gossamer strands wrap my heart tight
Closing it off to the outside world
Isolating me behind a silky screen

Lost loves mock me in my ears
Friends and family forgotten and dead
My spirit calls out to them
I want to join them in Death

Tears of blood stain my face
Crying out my remaining life
My body wracked with tremors
Slowly degrading away

Depression is my despot
Melancholy is my mentor
Together they drown my slowly
In the miasma of my weaknesses

Forever alone and walking this wasteland
Lost to the world full of life and light
Darkness my only companion
Sadness my everlasting plight

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