Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hethera, Amazon Queen

Lying upon a down filled bed
Covered with fleece and skins
Under her blanket of panther hide
She languishes as the sun rises

The first rays of the day
Find her lounging naked
Resplendent in her own glory
Surveying the domain that is hers alone

Rising from her comfort
Rubenesque in her stature
Impressive and proud in her form
No man could ever be her equal

For she is the Queen of the Amazons
Strongest of the women warriors
Undefeated on the field of battle
Unconquered in her home and lands

Languidly she stretches
Like a lioness under the sun
Pushing her breasts skyward
Projecting an aura of strength

She steps to her bath and pulls back her hair
Slipping like an asp into the cool water
Running her hands over her taut belly and thighs
Washing away the vestiges of her night's sleep

Her eunuch appears now at the mouth of her cave
Carrying her clothing and weapons
She allows him to clothe her nakedness
Wrapping her in protective black armor

A leather vest binds her stately breasts
A leather skirt girds her waist
Her feet now shod in leather boots
Her fine wrists and neck sport a choker and cuffs

Strapping her sword to her back
Slipping a knife into each boot
And binding her battle axe to her belt
She is now ready to face the day

Her eunuch now approaches with her stallion
A powerful horse best suited to her
They match well, strength for strength
He has carried her into battle before

There is a potential for battle today
She rides to survey her domain
Her borders have been encroached on
And none are safe from her wrath

Riding east, the horse’s hooves thunder
Bridle and tack creaking under the strain
Men have been seen approaching
They have no place here on her lands

This is Amazon territory
Ruled for centuries by queens
Men are mere slaves and servants
Kept as breeding stock

Approaching the borderlands now, she sees them
Haughty men milling like swine
Pushing past the limits of her patience
Daring her to stand against them

Stopping her horse away from them
She hops to the ground
Slipping loose her battle axe
She strides into their midst

They sneer at her and laugh
Mistaking her as weak
Confident in their numbers
They think she is no match for them

Wading into the middle of them
She strikes down their leader first
Her blood boils at the call of battle
She stands her ground and waits

Her cheeks flush as the battle fever rises
Making her skin glow in contrast to her armor
Her hands clench the haft of her weapon
And she stands alone against them

With reckless abandon the men come now
Throwing themselves at her
Attempting to overcome her
They fall one by one to her rage

Wreathed in a pile of bodies
Dripping with blood and brains
She spits on the men who attacked her
And leaves them where they lay

Let their rotting bodies serve notice
That this land is not for men
In this land women rule themselves
This land belongs to the Amazon nation

Riding back to her home
Hethera diverts to a pond
There is a waterfall there
Cool, crisp, and clean

Removing her bloody garb
She rinses them clean
Packing them on the back of her stallion
She dives into the water

Powerful strokes carry her to the falls
There to wash clean of her battle
Falling waters pound her naked flesh
Rinsing away the stench of man

Now she returns to her abode
Tossing her clothing to the eunuch to wash
Standing valiant and proud
She surveys her lands again

It is a good land, fertile and ripe
Here a woman can be herself
And not be ruled by man
Here the women are strong

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