Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Cricket and the spider

Deep inside a dark dank hollow she waits

Crocheting a net of betrayal and pain

Surrounded by vermin and filth

Alone in self pity, disdained.


The brown recluse spider

Sits in her web and waits

Her lackluster brown fur bristles

Seeking after her next meal.


Her web is fine and neat

Almost impossible to see

He is caught unawares

Drawn in by her weakness.


But her weakness is a sham

A ploy to draw her prey closer

That they might become entangled

And vulnerable to her poison.


So subtle is her bite

So mild is her sting

Insidious and sinister

It undermines his resistance.


He sees the danger too late

He's bound tightly in her web

Struggling to be free

He is trapped all the tighter.


Now crickets are a spider's natural enemy

And none more so than the red

Sweeping in on her crimson wings

Evading the webs that cling.


Slicing mandibles cut the spiders soul

Opening wounds of the heart

Ichor flows and spills out

Leaving the spider pitiful and weak.


Biting thru the strands

She frees the hapless victim

The wise red cricket

Lets him ride upon her to freedom.


Carrying him skyward

Letting him see the true nature

Of the snare that entrapped him

That almost consumed him.


Looking down he shudders

Seeing how close he was

To total annihilation

In the spiders poison embrace.


The spider looks up and weeps

Licking her wounds and wailing

Gnashing her teeth at the cricket

That has stolen away her prize.


Now the cricket teaches him wisdom

Showing him how to avoid the snares

Safety lies with her now

Wrapped in her florid embrace.


Lying calmly now, he rests

Confidently inside her maroon folds

She has saved him from despair

And opened him to a new world.


No longer will he wander

No longer in danger will he be

Ruby red lips press against his

And he feels content, to rest.

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