Saturday, February 19, 2011


This concludes my series about the seasons.  Hope you have enjoyed them.

Winter’s chill is in the air tonight.
Chill and brisk as the snow it heralds.
Longer nights and shorter days
Make life seem dull and lifeless.

But see the beauty of the season.
The purity of the fallen snow,
The way it clings to the branches of the trees.
The smooth look of it lying undisturbed and unbroken.

Even in this coldest of seasons there is beauty to be found.
The cold sky and long nights are a star gazers delight.
The purity of the night allows for the brilliance
Of millions of stars to shine forth in glory.

Winter sports abound as well.
Both indoor and outdoor hockey teams hit the ice.
Slicing along on the razor’s edge they fly
Fighting for honor and glory.

Children engage in sledding and snowball fights
Careening down the hills they go.
Feeling the cold wind on their faces.
See how rosy red their cheeks get.

Some see winter as the end of life
But life goes on even in the coldest of times.
Think of the bears that hibernate away the short days.
Think of the evergreens that keep their lush hue.

The New Year comes for us then
Bringing festivities and celebration.
Happiness and good cheer
At the rebirth of the year.

Christmas is a favorite time for children.
The blinking multicolored lights,
The arrangements of ornaments on the trees,
The promise of gifts to come that special morning.

Be whole and complete in your family this winter.
Keep each other close for warmth and merriment.
For winter’s chill will pass in its time.
Soon spring will warm the air.

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  1. I love this! And it's the first happy one I've come too! Lol. You are just as eloquent when painting a sunny picture with your words, as you are painting a dark one. :)