Friday, February 18, 2011


Autumn leaves fall outside my window.
The vibrant colors fill my eyes,
Mounding up under the trees,
Flitting along in the crisp breeze.

Orange as the pumpkins adorning neighborhood porches.
Yellow as the blaze of the afternoon sun.
Copper as bright as a freshly minted penny.
Red as crimson as the fire that will consume these very leaves soon.

Fields of ocher stretch to the horizon,
Blazing with pumpkins ripe for harvest.
Their futures destined as pies and decorations,
Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.

Verdant fields of broccoli lay waiting for the pickers.
Brilliant white heads of cauliflower too.
The smell of onions by the truckload fills the air.
The harvest of the fall is in full swing.

The season of Samhain has begun.
Many greet it with a sense of sadness,
The loss of the joys of summer,
Winter’s chill soon to sweep down upon us.

But the beauty of the season is endless.
From the changing foliage of the trees,
To the colorful harvest of the fields,
To the costumed children running door to door.

Don’t let this season bring you down.
Open your eyes to its delights.
Feel the crispness of the air.
See the diamond dew frozen on the grass.

Smell the cooling of the air,
The hint of snow that flows down from the mountain.
See majesty in the dark massing clouds
And in the mists that cover the ground.

Brilliant and magnificent are these days of fall.
Spend them with one that you love.
Curl up with them before a fire,
And be at peace with them.


  1. Beautiful, realy describes the trueness of fall

  2. Totally makes me want to breakout the crockpot and tailgate a Seahawks game!