Monday, March 21, 2011

March winds blow

March winds blow
Sweeping the land new.
Detritus of winter’s past
Is brushed clean away.

Bitter wind from the mountains
Scouring the hills and vales.
I stand alone in it's wake
Cold, alone, and untouched.

The leaves of last autumn
Are swept from the streets.
But the remnants of my past
Continue to clog my soul.

Blow thru me March winds.
Cleanse the cobwebs from my heart.
Purge the doubts from my mind.
Make me clean again.

Purify me March winds.
Rage into the darkest corners.
Blast thru my barriers and walls.
Wipe my slate clean.

April rain drenches the land
Washing away the old.
Making the ground fresh and new
Ready for the plow and planting.

Flowers start to bloom.
Trees spout fresh leaves.
April rain brings renewal and growth
To repair winter’s blight.

Cleanse me too April rain.
Flood my soul with life anew.
Purge me from the drought
That plagues my cold heart.

Make me fresh fertile ground.
Let the seeds of life bloom.
Purify me, wash me clean.
Renew me with fresh hope.

March winds and April rains
Find me this year.
Let the torrents of Spring
Heal my winter’s pain.

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