Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Three Little Words

Three little words.
Three short syllables.
Eight letters long.
So simple?  Hardly.

The first words we hear
As a new born baby.
The last that we hear
On our death bed, maybe.

So much emotion
Conveyed so simply.
The power to create life,
Or destroy it.

These three little words
Come hard to my lips.
Such pain they have brought me.
Such devastation they have wrought.

I wish I could run and hide,
But they won’t allow me to flee.
Like hounds after a fox,
They chase me, savage me.

Epics and sonnets,
Ballads and poems,
Movies and music,
Yet none can really describe it.

For it is a thing unseen,
Unknowable by the senses.
How can one really understand
Something so ephemeral.

I cannot run from it anymore.
It will not let me escape.
Once again it swells my heart
Threatening to burst me apart.

She came into my life
And turned it upside down.
An emotional wrecking ball
Smashing thru my defenses.

But gladness is my reward
I wouldn’t change a thing.
Be gentle with my heart dear.
I love you.

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