Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Moon

An eerie howl pierces the night.
The full moon lays bloated against the sky.
The siren song of the wolf,
Tugs at me, draws me.

Memories of blood
Coat my tongue.
Of running with the night,
Of killing in the dark.

Once each month
My body is unleashed.
My inner beast comes forth.
My secret shape revealed.

Pain racks my mouth
As fangs burst thru gums.
Muscles scream in agony,
Pulled into unnatural form.

Bones break and reform,
Molding me into wolf form.
Hair bursts thru my skin,
Covering my nakedness.

I feel the call of the hunt.
My beast is ready to run.
I am merely a passenger
Carried inside my exalted form.

The wind blows my fur
As I race thru the hills.
Heightened senses find a scent.
Eyes glowing amber against the night.

Stalking up on the campsite
I find the couple relaxed and alone.
Secure in their camp and their fire,
Ignorant to the danger approaching.

Like quicksilver I flow closer,
Slinking thru the moonlight.
I can hear their heartbeats.
Soon I will taste their blood.
Launching myself over the flames
I take down the man,
Ripping his throat like paper.
He never had a chance to scream.

The woman freezes in fear.
Too scared to move,
Too frightened to scream,
Hands come up to cover her mute mouth.
I snarl at her
Willing her to run.
Bloody muzzle gapes
Showing her dripping jaws.

She bolts like a rabbit,
Blindly dashing thru the trees.
Now the hunt is on,
Chasing her thru the darkness.

She doesn’t get far
Before stumbling to the ground.
I stand over her chest
As she finally finds her voice.

Her screams shiver down my spine,
Igniting my soul with fire.
I clamp her throat in my jaws
As the sound vibrates against my lips.
Squeezing off her air
She starts to thrash in silence.
I relish the struggle
Knowing her death is at hand.

Her shirt has risen over her stomach.
I rake my claws and spill her guts.
Blood soaks my fur anew
As I watch her life pours out of her.

She lies there stinking now,
Her bowels loosed by death.
I dig thru her stomach and chest,
Then devour her heart.

Coursing with the life of the kill,
I run exalted thru the forest.
The eastern sky begins to lighten
And I reluctantly turn towards home.

Into my basement I go,
Hidden and alone.
Soon dawn will find me
And undo the full moon’s work.

I cry out in agony
As the change strikes me again.
Backwards I flow,
Returning to my human form.

The stresses on my body are too much.
My energy reserves depleted,
I sink into unconsciousness,
Back into boring normalcy.

As I drift off to sleep
The taste of blood follows me.
The fear, the pain, the death,
And I dream of last nights hunt.

I will awaken soon
And return to my mundane life.
Counting the days
Until the next full moon.

For only as the wolf am I truly alive.
Only at hunt am I truly content.
Only flesh satisfies my hunger.
Only blood slakes my thirst.


  1. Wow Donavon, that was amazing. Where did that come from ?

  2. I heard the bones growing and then shrinking as you told of the becoming and the unbecoming, I now know what it feels like to have fangs burst through, your words move me..............

  3. Talented for sure! Amazing, and very erotic. Now you need to write something similar in the form of a Novel! I could get sooooo lost in that. ;)