Monday, November 7, 2011


Lounging into lassitude
Shrouded in apathy
Life just seems so dull now
There are no challenges to face

Settled into a forsaken rut
Every day the same
Where is the drive I once knew?
Where is the life I used to have?

My soul lacks the fire that once was
Only a dim spark lights my heart
Buried under obligation
Drowned by duty

Starving for a breath of fresh air
Wanting to experience something new
My mundane existence
Muddied by stagnant decay

I need to break free the chains that bind me
I need to risk in order to gain
I long to explore different possibilities
Out with the old, and in with the new

That’s a path hard to follow
For to indulge in my wants and whims
Brings pain to those most undeserving
And heartache to those I try to protect

Settled into this quagmire
I see no way to fight my way free
The light of life eludes me
The walls surrounding me stand firm

There is no escape but into pain
And not my own but to those closest
No freedom from monotony
No release of my inner self
How I wish I could break the cuffs that constrain
Slip loose the tattered fetters of restraint
Unshackle me so that I may live
I want my life back