Monday, July 28, 2014

Now and Forever

I see you standing there,
The sunlight making your hair glow.
Smiling that special smile
That's only for me, I know.

With the grace of a lioness
You float closer, and I find
The smell of jasmine
Clouds my mind.

I feel your teeth
Lock onto my ear,
As your arms enfold me
And draw me near.

Hot breath on my neck,
And a kiss to my lips.
I whisper I love you
As my hands grab your hips.

Together we dance
And float across the floor.
This woman I love,
Cherish, and adore.

Passion ignites my soul
And my heart almost burst.
This thing called love,
Both a blessing a curse.

I dip her down low
And press her lips with mine.
Two lives as one,
Body, spirit, and mind.

She lets out a giggle
What a glorious sound.
As I lift her up
And swing her around.

We fall to the couch
With her on my lap.
Without her in my life
My heart would just snap.

Don't ever go away my love.
Stay with me always.
Be my darling dearest
Until the end of my days.

She looks into my eyes
And whispers "Leave you? Never!"
I belong to you,
Now and forever.

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