Wednesday, July 30, 2014


He sits in the high back chair
As she enters the room.
His flogger dangling from his wrist,
Eyes filled with doom. 

The sight of him makes her shiver,
Her stomach clenching tight. 
She drops to her knees at his feet,
Her heart caged, but in flight. 

She belongs to him completely
Mind, body, and soul.
Her service to him and him alone,
Makes her whole. 

She's given her life to him,
Her gift of submission. 
Wholly owned and obedient,
Elated in her condition. 

He stands before her
And extends to her his hand.
Pressing her lips to his knuckles,
She stands. 

Guiding her firmly by the collar,
Leading her down the hall.
She stumbles off balance,
And tries not to fall.

To the bedroom he walks her,
And then to the bed.
She obeys blindly,
Only wanting to be led.

Face down he binds her,
Wrists followed by her legs.
Tight and secure,
"Whip me" she begs. 

Swish and smack,
The flogger rises and falls.
Her ass becomes crimson,
"Harder!" she calls. 

Passion rises along with the heat,
Ass, back, and thighs glow red.
She pants and she cries
Writhing on the bed. 

"Who is your master?" 
"You are!" She screams.
His lip turns up, with a hint of a smile
As he pulls down his jeans. 

The time has come
To claim what is his.
Her mind, her body, her very soul
All of her, that is. 

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