Monday, June 1, 2015

The Princess

At the center of the courtyard
Lies the Crystal tower.
Home to the Princess,
And the greatest treasure ever known.

Originally built as a safe house,
Now it is her prison.
Surrounded by mighty walls,
Guarded by a jealous dragon.

All alone she waits,
Wondering if ever her Prince will come.
But who can possible slay the dragon,
And climb the barren walls?

The walls are thick and strong,
Fortified with fear,
Worn smooth by worry,
Reinforced with rage.

The dragon is mighty as well.
It feeds off her soul,
It drinks her tears,
And eats at her heart.

Who is worthy?
Who is possibly strong enough?
None so far,
But He comes, now.

The Prince rides forth,
Armor shining as the dawn,
Fueled by love,
His heart is pure and strong.

He looks at the walls,
Not a crack to be found.
Too smooth and high to climb,
So breaking them down is his only chance.

The dragon roars,
It's prize threatened.
The very earth trembles.
As it takes to the air.

The Prince is ready though.
He draws his lance and rides forth.
Fiery breath splashes against his shield.
Foul lies burn from the dragons mouth.

But lies are no match for the Lance of Truth.
The Prince strikes again and again,
Piercing through the heart of the dragon,
Extinguishing it's lies forever.

Back at the wall
The Prince has no choice.
He's going to have to break them down,
Risking his very life in the act.

His only weapon is his heart.
Strong and steady it beats,
Proclaiming his love for the Princess.
But vulnerable as well.

Gathering his love tight
He throws it again and again at the walls.
At first nothing happens,
But then tiny cracks start to appear.

He grows tired and weary,
Not sure his love can breach these walls.
He looks to the tower for a glimpse of the Princess,
And he sees that smile she shares with him alone.

His heart swells anew.
He realizes his love is everlasting and eternal.
No walls can stand against him,
As long as they block him from her.

The walls shake and tremble
Under the onslaught of his passion.
Cracks lead to more cracks,
Great chunks fall free.

Breaking through the walls he goes to her,
Takes her in his arms,
Kisses her softly on the forehead,
Takes her by the hand.

She's been a prisoner so long.
The greatness of the world is scary,
But she knows that her Prince will always protect her,
And keep her safe.

Come with me O' Princess,
Let us find our way home.
For my love has conquered your fear
And broken you free of your prison.

Our love is the stuff of legends.
It's glory will be sung of,
Its fortitude will be the foundation of the future,
For you are mine, and I am yours,

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