Friday, April 17, 2015

Why can't you see

Why can't you see
The slave I see in you?
Bound up in his chains,
Forced to follow his rules. 

You were free with me.
But you rejected me. 

He checks your phone,
Your Facebook,
Your emails,
Your texts. 
This viper doesn't know trust.

This is unrepentant jealousy,
The blackest evil. 
The bottomless pit that will consume you.
Leave you a bitter, burned out shell.
Destroy you. 
Kill you. 

I gave you my heart
And set you free.
To fly.
To submit to me.
And know that I would always be there to catch you when you fell.

You were free with me.
But you rejected me.

With him you are always in trouble,
Always in the wrong.
Always to blame for him not being good enough.

He can never be me. 
He's but a poor imitation.
A shoddy substitute.
A failing fraud.
He can never love you like I still do
Even today, and forever. 

Ask yourself truly, 
If he makes you happy.
Does he meet your needs like I did?
Can he take you to the highest peaks of pleasure and pain like I did?
Does he stir your heart the way I once did?
Do you love him like you loved me?

You risk his anger reaching out to me,
Telling me the troubles that plague you.
But still you choose him.
Still you are a slave to his unrealistic demands you can never meet. 

Was freedom so hard?
Was being yourself with me such a trial?
I helped you grow.
Become a better you.
I nourished you and protected you.
I gave you all that I am.

You were free with me.
But you rejected me.
Come back to me. 

1 comment:

  1. The freedom some can have they never realize. There is always a personal struggle and sometimes the smallest details can trip us up in that quest. The heart will go on and heal.