Thursday, February 17, 2011


Part 2 of 4 poems about the seasons. Enjoy.

Summer shines forth from the dregs of spring
Bringing rain and thunderstorms.
Lightning lights up the land
As summer breaks over the fields.

Across the horizon a hailstorm brews.
Hurricanes grow beyond the oceans’ shores.
Tornados tear up the midlands
And tropical cyclones beat the islands clean.

Fields are full of flowering plants
Growing hale and hearty for the grocer.
Keeping up with the heat and sun
The farmers strive to keep everything watered.

Elsewhere the rivers are teeming with people.
Boats dot the banks and cruise up its shores.
Swimmers enjoy the shallow shoals.
Sand castles share the busy beaches.

Jet boats jettison a rooster tail of mist
And water skiers skate along the surface.
Fishermen in boats and on the shoreline
Seek quieter places for peace and solitude.

School has released for the summer.
Kids are busy with bikes and balls.
Heat from the sun makes the sidewalks shimmer
And the shade trees offer a ready resting spot.

The days are getting longer now
And nights continue to grow shorter.
The sun scalds the open roads
As families fly far from home for holiday.

The joys of summer are simple and sweet.
Days of vacation to mountains and beach,
Taking advantage of children at home,
And the longest days of the year.

Take the time to enjoy the summer.
Take the opportunity to join with family and friends.
Take the sweetness of the simple times.
Take them and make a memory, forever.

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